At Roots we use REAL LASER technology, NOT IPL

There is a big difference between the two. We advise you to research the difference and visit us when you have seen how much better laser hair removal is.

Why choose “Laser” technology?

Benefits of Laser technology:

  • Treats thin/fine hairs
  • Can be used on all skin types and skin tones (Skin Type I – VI)
  • Can treat light colored hairs aswell as dark colored hairs
  • Requires less treatments as it is more powerful
  • Targets the follices directly, increasing success rate of removing hair
  • Is less painful than other forms of hair removal
  • Has the least likelihood of causing any unwanted side effects

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Many salons offer IPL services and attempt to disguise these services as laser hair removal.

At Roots we proudly announce that we only carry out laser hair removal and are specialists in the field.

Why choose Roots?

The equipment we use at our clinic is not cheap equipment that can be purchased on the high street. All of the equipment we use has been specifically made for our Roots birmingham laser hair removal clinic at a custom specification and the machines are equipped with the latest technology, using a Laser hair removal system with integrated cooling system. This will target the hair and follicles to ensure complete and pain free permanent hair removal.

Our laser technicians are fully trained and qualified in the treatments we provide, so you can be confident that we will be able to provide you with the safest and most effective treatment. Hair removal is something we specialize in and you may find cheap laser hair removal in birmingham but the quality of service and results will be inferior, or it may not be actual laser technology you are being treated with. Visit us, you wont be disappointed with our service.

Customer Reviews

Natasha Carlson
I cant wait to go on holiday in summer and show off my new hair free body. I have been having full body sessions from this clinic. l had IPL done also in birmingham in the past and it was a waste of time I heard laser was a lot better so I came to this clinic as a friend recommended them. I am going for my fifth session next week and can safely say that the results have been awesome. Definitely recommend Roots in birmingham to anyone who wants to get rid of their hair permanently and most of all, it was kinda cheap – Not expensive compared to some places.

Our Promise

We will give you advice and guidance on what is the best treatment or package for you and will discuss all options with you before starting any treatment. We are honest and aspire to provide real customer satisfaction and let our quality service do the talking. Visit us now and you won’t be dissapointed!

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